x factor reject Carolynne Poole has accused fellow X Factor reject (oh, okay so he made it to third place) Christopher Maloney of calling her a c*** on the final show.

Maloney had reportedly turned up drunk to Sunday’s final show after apparently not dealing so well with falling at the penultimate X Factor hurdle. According to 32 year old Poole, “He was horrible. Basically, because I didn’t say ‘hi’ and kiss his a***, he called me a c***.” Charming! Bet your nan would approve of that language, now, would she Maloney?

The Liverpudlian cry-baby’s PR folk have been trying to put a different spin on his behaviour and he’s claiming that he only missed the final show and the group performance because he had a sore throat. This, however, is contradicted by pretty much everyone else who’s had anything to say about it. That includes Kye Sones, who left the show on week five, who said “Everything Carolynne said is true. He’s had a mask on for 10 weeks and it’s well and truly slipped off and shown him for exactly who he is.” X Factor’s own spokespeople have said that he was turned away after trying to get back into the show’s performance, but they didn’t particularly approve of the stench of booze on his breath, so he was shown the exit.

“Take no notice of c**p in papers! I’m fine. It’s just a final stretch of sensational ­headlines lol. whatever, we know the truth,” says Maloney’s Twitter page. But will that be enough to save his space on the lucrative X Factor live tour or has he just kissed goodbye to £100,000?