X-Factor contestant, Ella Henderson is already being touted as a possible winner, with people speculating on her chances of becoming the 9th champion of ITV’s flagship talent show.

But that’s not the only thing being speculated on, and it’s the young singer’s romantic life that’s been in the papers of late. So, is the young Miss Henderson headed for a romance with the ‘new Harry Styles’ and fellow X-Factor contestant George Shelly? “It’s such a cute romance — they’re playing it down but they’re absolutely inseparable,’ claimed a source. What has really spurred rumours on is an alleged kiss that took place due to a dare, after months of flirting. Perhaps an relationship whilst competing against each other for the X-Factor title is just not a good idea. They would well and truly be mixing business with pleasure with that arrangement!

Shelley will have a way to go before the red-headed songstress is penning songs about him, as it’s her late grandfather that remains the object of her creativity and influence, reports The Mirror. “I started trying to write down lyrics and I got a melody in my head. Then I realised I was using this raw emotion from when I didn’t get to say goodbye to my grandad. He died in the middle of the night from lung cancer when I was nine. I have a fear of hospitals so I didn’t ever want to go and see him in there like that.