Christopher Maloney, it was reported, had a complete tantrum the day after the semi-final in which he was finally booted out of the show. Since then there have been numerous reports from the other x factor contestants complaining about him and his attitude, in fact, as reported by the Mirror, James Arthur has even called for a replacement.

So, has Maloney's behaviour cost him a place on the tour? While the contestants have called for Kye Somes to take Maloney's place on the tour, the producers of the show have been considering special measures to ensure that he spends as little time as possible with everyone else. Some may question: why they don't just cut him from the show? but having won the public's vote for 7 weeks of the competition, it would be stupid to dismiss him from the show, facing the risk of losing a lot of people that may come only for Maloney.

As well as reports of him calling Carolynne Pool a 'C***' there were complaints about him throughout the live shows. A source told the Mirror, however, that "There is unhappiness over this decision to let him back. He wasn't universally liked whatsoever." 

In more positive news, James Arthur's Christmas single 'Impossible' is shooting to the top spot, according to midweek results.