Union J have signed a deal with Sony Music in a bid to become the new One Direction.

Have they got what it takes, though? As is often the case, record deals are offered up to more than just the winners of x factor and Union J didn’t take long between getting kicked out of the show on the semi-final and inking a deal with a major player in the UK music business.

The news of Union J’s deal comes hot on the heels of the news that Ella Henderson, the 16 year-old singer, had also been snapped up by Sony. The Mirror, however, have denounced Union J as “basically a bunch of kids with great hair who are decent at karaoke” and there certainly doesn’t seem to be the same levels of hysteria surrounding Union J as there was when One Direction emerged from the X Factor finals, to launch their own carer. In fact… can you even name a single member of Union J? We’re not sure that we can. Oh, Jaymi Hensley. That’s one. But that doesn’t count; we only know his name because he’s quoted in the Mirror as saying: ”It’s amazing. It’s been a crazy week. Obviously when we came out of the show the dream was to get a record deal and we're going to Sony today to sort out all the contracts and stuff. Before Christmas we will have our deal finalised.”

It’s amazing, alright. We are definitely amazed that Union J have signed a deal with Sony. It’s nothing short of amazing. Wonders may never cease.