Rockers The Who are to tour again in 2010.
Fans feared frontman Roger Daltrey's upcoming solo shows could spell the end of the band - but he insists he's simply working on his live singing voice for big concerts with bandmate Pete Townshend next year.
In a chat on the group's official website, Daltrey insists he "can't take a year off" because he won't be able to keep his rock rasp in top form.
He says, "We're doing something next year... I have to be in tip top form and the only way to go out and do that is to go out and sing. So, I got a band together with Simon Townshend, and we'll just go out and play some of my own stuff.
"I'll do a few Who tracks, but I'll mostly play my own stuff... I'll do, probably, 25 per cent of it Who songs; I don't know. I've played a lot of my solo stuff and there are b**ody great songs there and they'll be great on stage. The way I will do Who songs will be the way I would have if I had done them on my own."