The son of late The Who rocker JOHN ENTWISTLE has won a court battle against British customs, after they refused to believe the alcohol and cigarettes filling his car were for his dad.

CHRIS ENTWISTLE brought 20 bottles of spirits and 15,000 cigarettes into Dover, South England from France in 2001 when customs officials seized his $35,700 (GBP21,000) car because they didn't believe such an amount could be for private consumption.

When the My Generation bassist died last year (02) from a heart attack in Las Vegas, Chris tried to get his car back - to find out customs had already sold it.

Chris, 31, says, "It's been a two year fight and I wish my dad was here to see me finally win it.

"He was furious at what happened and was 100 per cent behind me.

"My father was a multi-millionaire. It was ridiculous for customs to suggest we were trying to cheat them.

"Dad was known as the Ox because he drank a lot. His girlfriend was also a drinker. I worked as Dad's estate manager and I would go to France to bring stuff back.

"My dad was determined to come to the tribunal with me. We discussed it. Two days later, he was dead.

"If they are unable to appreciate that a rock star drinks and smokes a lot, then no one has a chance."

08/12/2003 13:33