The Wanted delayed their third album because they worried they would sound like Westlife.

The 'I Found You' hitmakers - comprising Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - infuriated their record company by not having a release ready by Christmas 2012, but they felt it was important to take their time with their songs so they were completely happy with the record.

Nathan told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Our record label were not happy with us for not having an album for them before Christmas.

''But we never actually said we would have one ready.

''We've been writing and recording loads when we have time in between touring in America but we felt that we had too many mid-tempo songs.

''We didn't want people to think we're trying to be Westlife.''

The group - who have announced plans for their own TV show, 'The Wanted Life' through E! Entertainment - are keen to work harder on new music by getting a tour bus with an onboard studio, though they think it is unlikely to happen.

Nathan added: ''Justin Bieber showed us his studio on his tour bus, which is similar to what Rihanna used to make her album.

''That's what we need - but we'd need the label to pay for it and they probably won't.''