There was much anticipation ahead of the third season premiere of 'The Walking Dead'. The sci-fi zombie thriller series managed to break demographic records in the US for the 18-49 age group with its season two premiere, causing its network AMC to renew it for a new season.

The time came at the weekend for the new season to begin, and the show's writers apparently have spent good time developing the characters during the interim, with all having grown in some form or other since the finale of the last season. The new episode is set seven months after the events of the previous one and sees the group straight away move into survival mode - as you would at the end of the world - heading back to a house to raid some much needed supplies, and engaging in some shot happy gunfire at zombies. The group find themselves a new home this season too, camping out at a prison, and the zombie body count soon piles up as they dispatch wave on wave of the brain dead blighters. It seems that they've got pretty used to killing them off, and you can't help but wonder if there's going to be a greater challenge ahead for this season. Personally, we've never understood the scare factor of zombies. What's the worst that can happen? You get bitten then walk around hungry for the rest of your life? We're already in that sort of perpetual state. Rubbish.