Though it may not be as popular as the show that spawned it, 'Fear The Walking Dead' has found a loyal audience at AMC and will return for the second half of its third season in the US tomorrow (September 10).

Dave Erickson returns as executive producerDave Erickson returns as executive producer

Season 3 kicked off with a tragedy, with Cliff Curtis' character Travis being killed off, forcing the rest of the survivors the show follows to find a new place to call home. There, they met Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie), but he turned out to be more of a hinderance to the group than anything else, leading to Nick (Frank Dillane) taking his life so that he was no longer an obstacle in their way.

'Fear The Walking Dead' has to-date been a show without a main Big Bad, but that could all be about to change in the coming weeks if this new information is anything to go by.

Speaking with Syfy Wire, executive producer Dave Erickson teased of the future: "There will be nobody in the immediate first few episodes, but we will meet a character down the road who represents a greater danger and evil than anybody we’ve met to this point. And it’s someone who I think Jeremiah Otto will pale in comparison to him. So there’s the potential of a Big Bad that will come to the fore later on. As the family comes together, and it will be somewhat traumatic and somewhat violent if they do come together, they need to be in opposition to something. So one of the things we’ll thread into the story as we get towards the end is who that force is, who that person is."

With Erickson also mentioning that characters will be reunited within the second half of season 3, we imagine there will be a lot of content to get through in the final few episodes of the year. When our heroes combine their talents, they may be able to do some incredible things, but with the teasing of a villain like none we've seen before, even that may not be enough to see them all continue to survive in this apocalyptic world.

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'Fear The Walking Dead' season 3 returns to AMC on September 10.