Review of Chevreul EP by The Voluntary Butler Scheme

The Voluntary Butler Scheme is one man who is also known as Rob Jones the Dudley based bedroom pop architect, and on that note what a great job hey? Working not only from home but from his actual own bedroom; all he needs is a fridge full of ice cold lager... or maybe he already has that?

The Voluntary Butler Scheme Chevreul EP

The one thing that you have got to love the Chevreul EP is that it's pure madness and very experimental; there appears to be no logicality. From start to finish the EP messes with your head and in essence it could be summed up by the tag line that was used on the Dr Pepper adverts, "what's the worst that could happen?" This is the worst that has happened BUT in the best possible way. Just for having the sheer balls to release this you have got to take your hat off to Rob Jones.

You can't help but like this even if it's not your bag baby.


Mark Moore

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