Review of A Human Angle Single by The Vivians

Single review of A Human Angle by The Vivians.

The Vivians A Human Angle Single

It seems that good rockers are coming thick and fast from North of the border which must be the silver lining after some of the happenings around their national football team.

The Vivians look set to explode onto the scene with their fast rhythmic Punk tunes and are set to release their debut Single 'A Human Angle' an interesting choice for the Single. It has the spiralling guitars and filled with high energy but surely there has been a mix up. Why?? 'Divided We Stand' (The B-side) is such a better track it even has anthem status. You can see this being a crowed pleaser on their live shows. If there was ever a tune that has the potential to the get the crowed moshing in a big way then it is 'Divided We Stand'

Like that white rapper with the dodgy haircut Vanilla Ice, get the B-Side played on the airwaves, that is the tune if there ever was one to leapfrog The Vivians onto world domination.


Mark Moore

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