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The Vines Gross Out Single

Gross Out
Single Review

Things have been a bit quiet in The Vines camp since Craig Nicholls' diagnosis with Aspergers Syndrome, but a new single has finally arrived in the form of "Gross Out". The burning question is, is it a return to form after 2004's middling "Winning Days?"

Well, no, not really. Weighing in at a whopping 78 seconds, this is certainly one of the more concise tracks you are going to hear this year. It rattles by, going merrily on its quiet, loud, quiet, LOUD way, which was done a lot better by The Pixies about 15 years ago, and ends before you have had time to notice it was there.

I'd like to say The Vines sound as fresh and vital as they did on 2002's "Highly Evolved" album, but this short thrash has a tired, "will this do?" air to it, despite its brash exterior. Let's hope that their forthcoming album, "Vision Valley" contains some better tunes.

Ben Davis