Review of Guiding Light (Rough Trade) Single by The Veils

The Veils, Guiding Light (Rough Trade)
The Veils, Guiding Light (Rough Trade) - Single Review

The Veils

Guiding Light

(Rough Trade)

The Veils are singer Finn Andrews, a 20 year old singer from New Zealand, and this single is a good example of what he can do. Guiding Light is extremely catchy with a combination of an indie tune and a voice similar to but better than Matt Bellamy’s that gives it that I-like-this-but-I-don’t-know-why factor. There are no histrionics with Andrews and it’s not just bouncy tracks he does but gorgeously subtle songs that stay with you long after you’ve stopped listening to them. Need Is Water is a classic example of this with understated acoustic guitars and soft percussion.

Last track, Death and Co is very reminiscent of Cast, which sparkles with theenergy of the first song but with more of an upbeat feel. The melodies behindthe lyrics are really cheering, the sort which make you feel better when listeningto them. Don’t be put off by the name, The Veils, ‘cause Andrewsis more than just another garage rock band. Excellent stuff.

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