Review of Pigs and Their Farms/ Mushrooms and Broccoli Single by The Unisex

The Unisex

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The Unisex’s ‘Pigs and Their Farms’/ ‘Mushrooms and Broccoli’ Single Review

The Unisex’s

Pigs and Their Farms

Mushrooms and Broccoli

(Shifty Disco)

This is rather strange. ‘Pigs and Their Farms’ is an odd combination of Placebo and soaring, almost operatic vocals with a twist. The start does seem like it should belong on Sleeping With Ghosts but the rest of the song has more to it than that – a sound that is aloof but majestic although a bit eerie. Archive makes it ever eerier with a haunting remix that drafts in elements of Sigur Ros and organs. It works even if it is an acquired taste.

Music - The Unisex’s ‘Pigs and Their Farms’/ ‘Mushrooms and Broccoli’ Single Review

The bizarrely named ‘Mushrooms and Broccoli’ starts off as if it’s going to be happy clappy but is a love song those who really don’t like love songs instead. This song is so catchy it’s impossible not to like it and is more accessible than ‘Pigs and Their Farms’. The closest comparison would be the Madchester scene crossed with the Strokes’ ‘Last Night’. There’s even a video with it of ‘Pigs and Their Farms’ which is a straight live video with a bit of fancy editing. I really like this but it might be for the more musically adventurous. Not that that’s a bad thing though.

Natasha Perry