Review of 31st Floor/Come Together Single by The Tamborines

Single review of '31st Floor/Come Together' by The Tamborines.

The Tamborines 31st Floor/Come Together Single

For Brazilian trio The Tamborines, relocating to London must have been a bit of an eye opener. No longer considered as the freaks on the block, their ice cool demeanour would have fitted in with almost everyone else trying to conjure up some kind of identity in the capital, therefore allowing them to badger away at their art accordingly until the right notes were discovered and put into practice repeatedly.

What that means of course, is that both '31st Floor' and its flipside sister 'Come Together' both resonate with the drone-pop sensibilities of a latter day Jesus And Mary Chain whilst bathing in Can-like electronic passages and A Place To Bury Strangers noise imparts in equal measures.

In other words, niiiice.

Dom Gourlay

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