Review of Commercial Breakdown Single by The Sunshine Underground

The Sunshine Underground
Commercial Breakdown

The Sunshine Underground Commercial Breakdown Single

The Sunshine Underground are making waves in the UK music industry at the moment and continuing the New Yorkshire music revolution.

'Commercial Breakdown' certainly has a very good feel factor to it and an infectious energy to get you stomping. The lead singer projects real soul and injects an honest expression to an invigorating track that builds up all the way through. When we get to the middle eight we are all chanting and feeling, well, quite emotional. 'Commercial Breakdown' definitely has radio friendly qualities and I suppose it's the rawness of this quartet that really grabs you. The music is well arranged on both tracks on this single and 'The Way It Is' shows surprising maturity for a band so young and it keeps to good traditional British influences. Go check 'em out.

Tareck Ghoneim

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