Amidst the clamour of everyone else announcing their comebacks at the beginning of 2013, no one had really considered that New York hipsters The Strokes might be coming back for another turn around the block this year. 2011 was the year of their great resurrection, but with their first album in five years Angles not going quite as stratospheric as people would’ve hoped, you’d have to say excitement about the band’s existence isn’t quite as high it might’ve been then.

However, that could well change, after radio station 1077 The End claimed to have a preview copy of a new single from Julian Casablancas et al titled ‘All The Time’. Writing a status on Facebook, the station said “Previewing brand new Strokes "All the Time" thanks to RCA Records. We'll have to "leak" this soon. You won't be disappointed... –mike” The announcement has caused a flurry of activity on the comments underneath, with one overzealous commenter writing “IF YOU RELEASE IT AT 12:51 I WILL PROBABLY DIE”. Which seems a little over the top.

It should be noted that there’s been no official confirmation from the band whatsoever on this matter as yet, so it could all be a load of baloney. One thing’s for sure, if there is such a song to be leaked, you can imagine the radio station won’t be doing it without The Strokes prior consent, or they’d probably get sued to high hell.

Check out The Strokes performing 'New York City Cops' At Bonnaroo in 2011