The Streets star MIKE SKINNER remains baffled by claims he stole the melody for hit song DRY YOUR EYES - because there is still confusion over exactly when the unknown artist wrote it.

Skinner claims he took the melody from a royalty-free samples CD - but he has been blasted by MICHAEL GAGLIANO, who insists the sample is taken from his song YESTERDAY AND TODAY PART ONE.

Now, talking for the first time about the dispute, Skinner - who has been shortlisted for this year's (04) prestigious MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE - says even Gagliano seemed unsure when it was penned.

Mike explains, "Gagliano said he recorded it in 2000. But then I looked on the samples CD (I took the melody from) and that was made in 1999.

"Gagliano then goes, 'Oh, actually I wrote it in 1999 but recorded it in 2000.'

"I've spoken to my manager and we're all a bit confused actually.

"(But) I've had other successful songs so if I lose the royalties from Dry Your Eyes, I don't really care."

22/07/2004 13:18