Review of Angelou Single by The Strange Death Of Liberal England

Read our single review of Angelou by The Strange Death Of Liberal England released through Fantastic Plastic.

The Strange Death Of Liberal England Angelou Single

So often compared to a certain Montreal-based troupe they may have been in the past; one would suspect all of that is about to change for The Strange Death Of Liberal England.

If last summer's impressive mini-album 'Forward March!' announced the band's statement of intent, then 'Angelou', their first release since, clearly marks the point where the TSDOLE have stepped up a gear and, to their credit, forged their own identity in the process.

Adam Woolway's vocals are becoming more distinctive with every subsequent release, here sounding like a modern-day Kirk Brandon reciting bible quotations over an insistent clamour of sound engineered by his fellow musical accomplices. Add to that Dave Allen's fiery production techniques and you've got a near-perfect combination to turn the most miniscule of arrangements into goliath proportions. Not that The Strange Death Of Liberal England could ever be called miniscule - twee maybe at times for sure - except this monstrous epic should dispel any doubts about their future intentions, and if anything, ensure their recognition as serious contenders for mainstream success is assured.

Dom Gourlay

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