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The Smithereens
Christmas With The Smithereens
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The Smithereens Christmas With The Smithereens Album

Let's face it - no-one really needs to hear Slade's Christmas anthem again. You'll be wanting a new set of Christmas music, preferably done by one of the most credible indie rock bands on the planet, and made with some real passion. The Smithereens remain a hugely influential band - like the Beatles brought bang into the noughties - and their selections here reveal their energy and enthusiasm: covers of Christmas songs by the Ramones, Brian Wilson, The Who and an obscure Beatles song, as well as more traditional fare like Run Rudolph Run and Auld Lang Syne.

Like their previous release, a faithful cover of the Beatles Meet The Beatles album, this sounds like an entirely Smithereens album - the songs sound like originals, a hark back to the days when bands would make and release Christmas albums and songs without any trace of irony, or changing Christmas to 'Holidays'. The three Smithereens' originals fit in perfectly. If you don't need to hear any trace of irony or sarcasm in your Christmas music, and you're in any mood for some rock this Christmas, this disc's for you.


Mike Rea

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