Review of Dirty Protest Album by The Smears

Having heard the new album 'Dirty Protest', it seems a little bit tricky to come up with an introduction to this trio, however, here goes nothing.

The Smears Dirty Protest Album

The Smears are a three-piece, all-female group (can't really say girl group, can you?). These are the keepers to all that is loud and will (hopefully) kill anything that resembles a typical pop girl band that seems to cover a song after every other release. The Smears represent music made from Blood, sweat, guts and snake bite - do not be lured into the cheeky innocent smiles, these three are going to rip you apart (in a music sense, although who knows? They might actually rip you apart.)

For those who have not yet had the fortune of discovering The Smears, then you have already missed out on their distinctive first album, 'Hell In High Heels', which was a rather fetching Pink Vinyl. Yes kids, Vinyl! It has been a long three year wait for the 'Dirty Protest' release but well worth it you are sure to find out once you have a copy of this in your hands.

Onwards to the 'Dirty Protest' album and, in the words of Maimee V, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like you to welcome you to my FREAKSHOW', boom straight into the opening track that, from the first hit of the drum, you know that this is going to be some quality stuff. This is just the perfect album to what these ladies are all about; when you listen to this on record, you just imagine how mental this would be live. The band show versatility and that they can twist and turn their tracks and mold them into something loud and Smear like; 'Rise Of The Liars' starts out quite mellow, well as mellow as you can get from these, however, this gradually builds up into anarchy and noise with the vocals being stretched to breaking point.

If you were expecting a rest, then you are listening to the wrong album because in the shape of 'So Pretty', all hell breaks out and this is a perfect punk sounding tune; just nod your head and enjoy. Now, catch your breath for a second because now it is back to pure speed and noise; 'Scrape Patrol' is ruled and orchestrated through the fantastic drums, just add a bit of guitar and some attacking vocal and there you have it.

The album comes to a close with 'Handcuffs & Powder Puffs' which, in its own way, is a fitting end to a truly noisy and great album nine-track of mayhem molded into what is 'Dirty Protest.

One thing that this album has is that on every track, the opening five seconds has you hooked, which is a hard thing to do and The Smears seem to have mastered that with ease. If there was a criticism to this album, it would have to be that it is too short but, then again, The Smears have undoubtedly gone for quality and not quantity so, really, is that a bad thing?

These are the kinds of bands we should be pushing and supporting for success. You probably won't find this brilliant album in all good record shops because there aren't any good record shops about anymore, so it is methods like this, Myspace and Facebook that help to try and push some of these bands that are deemed less 'radio friendly'. Love music, hate manufactured - love The Smears new stuff and give your ears a tantalizing sound from the three that make up The Smears, Miss C, Maimee V and C Doll, because believe you me, if you do, you will be found wanting more from these.


Mark Moore

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