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Raccoon Role Challenged Willis

29th May 2006

DIE HARD star BRUCE WILLIS insists the hardest role he's ever played was RJ the raccoon in his latest animated film OVER THE HEDGE. The actor has starred in over 70 movies from THE SIXTH...

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Fascinating Fact 1097

28th February 2006

THE SIXTH SENSE director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN will star in and direct a two minute advertisement for American Express during the Academy Award's US telecast on Sunday (05MAR06)....

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Fascinating Fact 1018

17th February 2006

THE SIXTH SENSE director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is to be named Showest Director of The Year in Las Vegas, Nevada next month (MAR06). The honour is given annually by America's top cinema chains....

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The Bravery To Play Willis' Nye Bash

29th November 2005

New York rockers THE BRAVERY are set to play Hollywood hardman BRUCE WILLIS' New Year's Eve party (31DEC05). After finishing their current tour in Portland, Oregon, next month (13DEC05), the AN HONEST MISTAKE five-piece...

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Barton Defends Autobiography

10th November 2005

THE OC star MISCHA BARTON has hit out at critics who claim she is too young to write an autobiography, insisting her stories are fascinating. The 19-year-old actress has already spent 10 years in...

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Shyamalan Slams Quick Dvd Releases

29th October 2005

THE SIXTH SENSE director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has hit out at plans to close the window of time between a film's theatrical release and its debut on video. The 35-year-old film-maker believes that the...

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Jackson Ditches King Kong Score Just Weeks Before Premiere

18th October 2005

Hollywood director PETER JACKSON has ditched the score to his upcoming remake of KING KONG with only seven weeks to go before the movie is scheduled to premiere. Jackson has hired a new composer...

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Williams Embraces Black Magic

8th October 2005

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is following in his mother's footsteps by dabbling in the occult in a bid to "demystify" his dark side. The ANGELS singer suffered a ghoulish childhood as his family...

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Andrea Corr Lands Thriller Role

20th September 2005

THE CORRS frontwoman ANDREA CORR will hone her acting skills alongside SAFFRON BURROWS and LINUS ROACHE in a gritty new thriller. The RUNAWAY beauty, 31, had a brief role as JUAN PERON's mistress in...

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Williams' Whirlwind Romance

20th March 2005

THE SIXTH SENSE actress OLIVIA WILLIAMS knew instantly the moment she met her future husband RHASHAN STONE that he was the one for her. Since their first dinner date in December 2002, Williams and...

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Snicket Star's Own Unfortunate Events

27th December 2004

The young star of American movie hit LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS passed on the role that made HALEY JOEL OSMENT a star and spent a day as HARRY POTTER. LIAM AIKEN,...

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Friends Stars Make Guinness Book Of Records

22nd August 2004

The female stars of FRIENDS have been entered into the 50th anniversary edition of best-selling book GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS as the highest paid TV actresses. JENNIFER ANISTON, LISA KUDROW and COURTENEY...

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Willis' Confident Chat-up Technique

17th August 2004

BRUCE WILLIS' employed his rugged on-screen image when he attempted to seduce actress JENNA JAMESON - he pushed her against a wall and kissed her. THE SIXTH SENSE actor, 49, who has three daughters...

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Shyamalan Slams Fan's 'Twists Obsession'

15th August 2004

Writer-director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has slammed his fans for their obsession with his trademark plot twists. The 34-year-old is anxious moviegoers will watch his new thriller THE VILLAGE expecting "big story revelations" so he...

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Shyamalan Shrouds The Village In Secrecy

20th July 2004

OSCAR winner ADRIEN BRODY was sworn to secrecy when he signed up for M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's new thriller THE VILLAGE - the director only wanted people in the film to read the script. THE...

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Shyamalan Seeks To Halt Documentary-makers

6th July 2004

THE SIXTH SENSE director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has contacted lawyers to try to shut down the makers of a SCI-FI CHANNEL documentary called THE BURIED SECRET OF M NIGHT SHYAMALAN. Director NATHANIEL KAHN and...

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O'donnell Returns To Acting

5th May 2004

Former chat show host ROSIE O'DONNELL is set to return to acting after a six year hiatus - by starring in a new television movie. The lesbian star, who recently 'wed' her long-term girlfriend...

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Shyamalan Uses Old Movie To Promote New Project

26th April 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is treating fans to a special sneak peek at his new thriller THE VILLAGE during a TV broadcast of his hit movie THE SIXTH SENSE in America tonight (26APR04). The...

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The Office Star Snubs Hollywood Role

15th March 2004

THE OFFICE star LUCY DAVIS snubbed a role in the forthcoming CAMERON DIAZ movie - after learning her character was Diaz's "fat ugly sister". The English actress, who played DAWN TINSLEY in the RICKY...

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Olivia Williams: I Took Acid For Peter Pan Film

6th November 2003

British movie beauty OLIVIA WILLIAMS claims taking hallucinogenic drugs on set helped her performance in new kids movie PETER PAN. THE SIXTH SENSE actress, who is currently pregnant with her first child, says director...

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Titanic Has Best Ending

15th October 2003

Movie blockbuster TITANIC has the best film ending of all time, according to a new poll. The scene in which an aged ROSE, played in her younger incarnation by curvy KATE WINSLET, throws her...

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New Shyamalan Film In The Works At Fox

10th October 2003

Acclaimed director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is considering leaving the protective atmosphere of his home at DISNEY STUDIOS - because he's desperate to direct the film of a BOOKER PRIZE-winning novel. His films so far,...

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Osment Speaks Out For America's Teachers

7th October 2003

Teen actor HALEY JOEL OSMENT believes America's teachers should be the highest paid people in the country. The OSCAR-nominated star of THE SIXTH SENSE, 15, sees the United States' educators as highly underrated -...

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Sixth Sense Director Makes Donation To Philadelphia

1st October 2003

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is donating $1.5 million (GBP937,500) to help revitalise the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, neighbourhood that served as a backdrop to his hit film THE SIXTH SENSE. The money will help rehabilitate 31...

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More Horror From Underworld Director

29th August 2003

UNDERWORLD director LEN WISEMAN is already hard at work on his next supernatural thriller. BLACK CHAPTER, sold to TOUCHSTONE PICTURES last year (02), promises to be similar in style to the vampire and werewolf...

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Kim Cattrall Dating Bruce Willis

4th August 2003

SEX AND THE CITY babe KIM CATTRALL has landed herself a Hollywood hunk - she's started dating BRUCE WILLIS. The blonde actress, 46, split from third husband MARK LEVINSON earlier this year (03) but,...

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Osment: 'Best Child Star Ever'

23rd July 2003

THE SIXTH SENSE star HALEY JOEL OSMENT has been voted the best child film actor ever, for his role in the supernatural thriller. The 15-year-old, who was 11 when he starred alongside BRUCE WILLIS...

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Ewan Mcgregor Asked To Stay For Therapy

28th May 2003

Scottish acting hunk EWAN McGREGOR is in talks to star as a therapist in supernatural drama STAY. If he signs up for the role, the MOULIN ROUGE! star will play a therapist at an...

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