Review of Glitches n' Bugs Single by The Shortwave Set

Review of The Shortwave Set's single 'Glitches n' Bugs'.

The Shortwave Set Glitches n' Bugs Single

Been around since 2003 The Shortwave Set return with their new Single 'Glitches n' Bugs'.

It seems that Glitches n' Bugs has come along a decade to late, something that could of come straight off any of Moby's early stuff, the electro sample sounding tunes just seem dated. The thing is that when the likes of Moby and FatBoy Slim AKA Norman Cook were doing this back in the day, they had something that caught everyone's eye (or ear, which ever way you look at it) 'Glitches n' Bugs' is just something that doesn't have any bite to it, there is a kind of a catchy tune but it just seems to stay at the same level all the way through and vocally it all seems a bit drown and somewhat boring. The sad thing is that when you listen back to this it has a lot of potential but that is really all that it had potential.


Mark Moore

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