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The Shins
Turn On Me
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The Shins Turn On Me Single

Being cited as one of the USA's undiscovered gems of the decade has worked well for The Shins. If their 'Oh, Inverted World' opus fond itself ignored by all but a few critics, both its successive long players accelerated their rise somewhat as premier purveyors of winsome guitar pop to the point where.To the point where all of a sudden there seems to be a bit of a backlash.

Which to be quite honest is pretty hard to understand, as on the face of it there is nothing really dislikeable about The Shins. While their music isn't entirely original - listen to the likes of Buffalo Tom, Velocity Girl and countless other bands from the late eighties/early nineties to get a feel of where their inspiration comes from - James Mercer and co. know their way around a tune like a Kwik Fit fitter does a battered Alfa Romeo, and 'Turn On Me' is no different.

Unashamedly unaggressive then, and downright enjoyable, but not to the point of teeth decaying saccharine levels or vomit inducing nausea.


Dom Gourlay

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