The Shining - Interview

The Shining Interview: The Shining

Contactmusic spoke to Simon Jones (Ex Verve) about his new band The Shining

For those of people out there who haven't heard The Shining as yet how would you best describe the sound?

… Rock & Roll really to put a broad genre on it, its just music played with guitars by people! I really believe that picking up an instrument and singing a song to someone and conveying something personal is like one of the greatest art forms that there is really, so we a rock and roll band full of emotion and hopefully we can enhance peoples that's what I want to do because I know music does that for me, you know sometime you can be listening to the radio and it puts you right back to remember past memories and that's just the power of music and I think to be in a band that plays real music that is what we are about. Some of the songs tend to be pretty emotional we can be really heavy and dirty when we play but at the same time there can be a beauty to it as well.

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