Review of Well Well Well Wel Single by The Satin Peaches

The Satin Peaches
Well Well Well Well
Single Review

The Satin Peaches Well Well Well Wel Single

The Satin Peaches from Detroit are set to release their debut single Well Well Well Well, and try typing that when you have had too many beers.

With a continuous piano loop and some interesting guitar riffs give off a sound of a very cleaned up and mellowed style Muse. The sounds all seem to be in the correct places but there just seems to be something missing. Maybe the drums need turning up, this track would sound a lot better if you could hear all the instruments battling it out to be the one notably heard. Well Well Well Well just seems to clean as if it has been touched up the studio. To get a real reaction leave it raw because that is what it is all about. Sounding raw on record and matching that on stage.

The only worrying thing is that instead of riding the storm and just going for it, you can sense that Satin Peaches are going to follow the bland path of Keane (the band not the footballer).

Mark Moore

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