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Allen To Be A Dad Again

The Santa Clause Tim Allen

The Santa Clause star Tim Allen is to become a dad at 55.

The actor's wife of over two years, actress Jane Hajduk, is pregnant with the couple's first child together.

The baby will arrive in the spring (09). No date has yet been announced.

Allen has a 19-year-old daughter, Katherine, with ex-wife Laura Deibel.

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Allen Wants Bike Crash Lessons

Tim Allen The Santa Clause

Funnyman Tim Allen is begging the motorbike experts who trained him to ride a Harley Davidson for new film WILD HOGS to teach him how to crash - because he doesn't want to risk injury now he's hooked on biking.
The Santa Clause star's brother lost his leg when he was 16 and Allen was forbidden from getting close to a bike.
When he got the chance to learn all about Harleys for Wild Hogs, the star became hooked and he now wants to become the best biker - on and off the motorcycle.
Allen says, "I worry about getting into trouble. I kind of want to know how to lay a bike down at high speed. I keep asking the guys to train me.
"I'd say, 'Is there any way I can try that out because I'll inevitably go in the other direction, flip over the handle bars. But I don't want to end up like that.'"
Allen admits his brother's accident often makes him think twice about getting on a motorbike: "I love riding the bikes. It's a constant conflict with me; 'Is it worth the risk?'"

Allen Recalls Road Trip From Hell With Bikini-clad Babe

Tim Allen The Santa Clause

Movie star Tim Allen once spent the road trip from hell with his college crush - because she wore a bikini for the trip across America and refused to have sex with him.
The Santa Clause star was feeling lucky when he persuaded the hot teenager to take a cross-country adventure with him - and when she insisted on dressing down for the trip the young Allen felt sure he'd score.
But his driving pal had no wish to lose her virginity to the lusty Allen, and insisted they remain just friends for the entire trip.
Allen recalls, "She was a rich girl and, somehow, I convinced her to take a trip in her Camaro, thinking I'd hook up with her because she'd be stuck with me in that damn car.
"I became the most frustrated, angry young guy. She drove in a bikini because we didn't have air conditioning and I had to just sit there in that car. We got to Los Angeles and I was just gonna go home, because I was gonna explode."
In hindsight, Allen insists he's glad he didn't hook up with his road trip partner - because she wasn't all that smart.
He adds, "In LA she said, `Why don't we stop by the capital before we go home?' and I said, 'The capital of what?' She said, 'We're almost in Washington!'
"I said, 'That would be Washington, DC, and we're headed towards Washington State!' She said, 'That's ridiculous, they can't have two Washingtons in the same country.'"

Schwarzenegger Christmas Movie Flop

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tim Allen Christmas With The Kranks The Santa Clause Home Alone Bad Santa

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Christmas movie JINGLE ALL THE WAY has been voted the worst seasonal film ever.
The 1996 comedy sees Schwarzenegger attempting to secure a fantastic Christmas present for his son - but 3000 film goers polled failed to see the funny side to his festive plight, according to cinema website
Surreal 1960s movie SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS was the second least favourite film, with Tim Allen starring in two of the most hated 'comedies' - Christmas With The Kranks and The Santa Clause.
KATHRYN JACOBS of Pearl + Dean says, "Everybody loves a good family film at Christmas but they can't all be classics like It's A Wonderful Life.
"We think Arnie is a very worthy winner."
Other movies in the top 10 include Home Alone, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE and Bad Santa.

Tim Allen Gives Director Santa's Head

Tim Allen The Santa Clause Michael Lembeck

Tim Allen came up with the ideal gift for The Santa Clause 3 director Michael Lembeck when they wrapped the movie recently - St Nicholas' head! Allen, who insists the third Santa Clause film will be his last, grew fond of working with Lembeck on the two sequels and decided to give him an odd reminder of their time together. He explains, "I gave him a fully dressed mould of Santa's head as a rap gift. I thought it was a good idea because it was a lot of money and a lot of work because the real wig is made of Alpaca hair and it's like $20,000. "It's so creepy to see that head sitting there because it looks like you took his head off."

No More Santa For Tim Allen

Tim Allen The Santa Clause

Funnyman Tim Allen is hanging up his Santa suit after three The Santa Clause movies because he's sick of all the hours he has to spend in make-up becoming the bearded character.

Allen, who has just wrapped The Santa Clause 3, has told producers they need to start looking for another jovial fat man if they're planning on making a fourth film.

He says, "I don't want to do another one after this. It's really hard on me. I spent 33 days in that make-up and it takes two hours to put it on and two hours to take it off. I'm getting too old for this stuff.

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Producer Newmyer Dies

Training Day Robert Newmyer Jeffrey Silver The Santa Clause

Training Day producer Robert Newmyer has died of a heart attack. He was 49.

The film-maker died on Monday (12DEC05) of a heart attack triggered by an asthma attack while we was working out at a Toronto, Canada, gym.

Newmyer started his film career as vice president of production and acquisitions at Columbia Pictures, before forming Outlaw Productions in the late 1980s with partner Jeffrey Silver.

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Lansbury Plans Knee Surgery

Angela Lansbury The Santa Clause

MURDER, SHE WROTE star Angela Lansbury has cancelled her summer (05) plans to have knee replacement surgery.

The veteran actress injured her knee during a stunt in The Santa Clause way back in 1991 and has never had the injury properly attended to.

Lansbury plans to spend five days in hospital followed by a month's physiotherapy.

12/07/2005 09:15

It's A Wonderful Life Tops Christmas Movie Poll

Its A Wonderful Life Frank Capra James Arnold Schwarzenegger The Santa Clause The Nightmare Before Christmas White Christmas The Snowman A Christmas Carol Home Alone A Christmas Story

Celluloid classic It's A Wonderful Life has been voted the best Christmas movie of all time by British film-lovers.

The warm-hearted 1946 film was directed by Frank Capra and stars James STEWART as a man on the verge of suicide before an angel shows him all the good in his life.

Second in the poll - voted for by 8,000 customers at CHOICES VIDEO - came the 1947 version of MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, followed in third place by 1970's SCROOGE.

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