Review of Livin' In A World Without You Single by The Rasmus

Review of The Rasmus' single 'Livin' In A World Without You'.

The Rasmus Livin' In A World Without You Single

Whilst not quite a one hit wonder (a second single charted), Finnish rockers The Rasmus return five years after they brought us 'In The Shadows', which had the sort of hook you just couldn't ignore. It is taken from 'Black Roses', their seventh studio album.

Mid-paced and featuring a whispered verse section, 'Livin' In A World Without You' is a dynamic offering that is neither attention-grabbing or dismissible trash. It certainly doesn't have the immediacy of their aforementioned breakthrough, but by no means does it have you reaching for the 'Off' button. Former followers could be hooked again if they give it a chance.

Alex Lai

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