The Rascals - The Royal, Derby, Live Review

The Rascals @ The Royal, Derby, Live Review

The Rascals

The Royal in Derby is fast becoming a popular venue, with a string of exciting line ups and club nights. Recent confirmations have included late of The Pier, Airborne Toxic Event, and of course The Rascals.

The Rascals, for those not yet following them, are relatively new. and yet more familiar than you would think. Only active from 2007 to present, frontman Miles Kane is also part of The Last Shadow Puppets with Arctic Monkeys lead, Alex Turner. So already linked with well established bands, the Rascals have a sort of credibility about them.

A three piece indie rock band from The Wirral, there is a definite Liverpool cheek about them as they come into the dark but full room. Beginning without much of an introduction it's hard to tell if that is them or not, until they do a little amusing band to crowd banter, and straight into a live set. I have to say that it was a very long set for a new band, but they filled it all the same.

The Rascals thrashed out track after track, barely pausing for breath. This is quite impressive in some ways for a band which surely shouldn't have that much material yet. In my opinion the band need to add 'post punk' into their indie rock description as it screams out at you in some tracks, but aside from that The Rascals seem to know what they are doing.

Were they being a little ambitious in their demand for a long set? If I were going to be negative then I would say that they were quite 'samey'. Each track went into the next, making it hard to tell where one ended and the next began. It did all have that sound which is typical to the genre. So for a long set, some of it began to blur. It became less engaging for me.

Were we hoping for an appearance from Alex Turner and a few Last Shadow Puppets tracks? I think a few were, but apparently he couldn't make it. Not to mention the fact that this was a Rascals gig, a band trying to make it on their own, aside from relying on others. I think they made the right move there.

After hearing that the band demanded the one hour ten minute slot, I had to agree that yes they had been over ambitious. But looking at the general crowd in the room who stayed for the entire set, those in agreement with me appeared to be part of the minority. Maybe that was part of their plan.

So it's wait and see what's next for The Rascals, I would see them again. It may not have been my thing, but that's not the point. Are they good at what they do? Yes, I'd say they have something, but as with all newish bands, they will always have room to progress.

Laura Johnstone

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