Review of We Danced Together Single by The Rakes

The Rakes
We Danced Together
Single Review

The Rakes We Danced Together Single

Aah, The Rakes, everyone's favourite pill-popping, post-punk party animals.

Just when we thought they'd disappeared for good, they go and surprise with not only a new single but an album to boot as well.

Thing is though, 'We Danced Together' is a bit of a muted comeback that doesn't quite hit the spot in the way the likes of 'Strasbourg' and '22 Grand Job' did a few years back, and dare I say it, may even be the dawning of a more comfortable, blander career path - something no one could ever have envisaged for this band in the past.

The single itself is eerily reminiscent of Mansun during their 'Little Kix' phase - in other words; not half bad, but the could do better sign should be attached in big, 12 feet high, bold, black letters. Still, as Alan Donohue says in the chorus, "We didn't give a shit about what people say.", and maybe he's right, because one suspects record label interference may be at hand here. i.e. here's 50 grand, now go write and record 10 radio-friendly pop songs.


Dom Gourlay

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