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The Procession Musique Manifique Album

It was in Los Angeles in 2005 that this group formed, when childhood friends J. Paul Zawacki and John Schreffler met a relocated Brit, Greg Jong. The American duo had already been making music for a couple of years, landing a deal with Retone Records, but it was the meeting with Jong that allowed their ideas to be fully realised.

The next time that you wake to depressing gloomy skies and feel in need of a bright, breezy lift, get your hands on a copy of "Musique Manifique". Throughout the ten track duration they manage to encapsulate a Summer vibe that the likes of The Beach Boys were so successful at producing, beginning with the smooth and upbeat "The Moment". Stomping along gloriously, "Major And Minor" is like a surfer gracefully riding waves, beautifully flowing and injected with uplifting solos. Thankfully, the optimistic mood carries on in "Living Alone" and "Don't Let Go", which could have been a huge hit during the Britpop years.

Spreading their wings a touch, the soft military drums and soothing piano of "Sandra" provide a platform for the lullaby-like "Sandra" to enchant your audio senses. Sprinkled with guitars and organs, it is soon realised that The Procession have a wonderful talent for subtle but effective writing. "Don't Hesitate" conjures images of the seaside, while a touch of aggression and crunching guitars give "I Want A Golden Light" more bite than has previously been heard. By the time that album closer "Don't You Wish" arrives, the only complaint that could be had is that the record is too chirpy - but you'll be in too good a mood to be bothered.

Alex Lai

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