Review of `Weather The Storm' Single by The Pick Pockets

The Pick Pockets

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The Pick Pockets - ‘Weather The Storm’ - Single Review

The Pick Pockets

Weather The Storm

This is the first time I’ve heard the Pick Pockets and it’s likely I’ll be hearing them again. The music consists of a male mc, a soul singer and dancy driving grooves. It’s fresh and instantly likeable. The rhythm section on the first track ‘Weather The Storm’ could appeal to the funkster, clubber or hip hop head. The use of atmospheric effects and vocal samples gives the track a futuristic feel but doesn’t lose the genuine hip hop feel. The MC delivers well and the singing on the chorus

Music - The Pick Pockets - ‘Weather The Storm’ - Single Review

has soul and feeling. ‘In The Morning’ takes a more purist hip hop feel and gives a good opportunity to show how well the quality of female singing fits for this band. This track could also fit in with r’n’b. ‘Rock After Dem’ keeps that more techno upbeat style to hip hop. Think Kool Keith and Outkast. It has venom and crossover potential. We finish with the fun track ‘Green’, which could be an ode to Mister Scruff. It’s experimental and jumpy. Overall a success in my eyes.

Tareck Ghoneim