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The Phoenix Foundation
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The Phoenix Foundation Horsepower Album

Horsepower is a release that almost didn't happen. The Phoenix Foundation are a New Zealand band whose application to the NZ government to help support an international release was turned down, despite the band's success (critical and commercial) and sell out tours in NZ. So, they did it themselves. We should be grateful for that confidence, as Horsepower is an album worth hearing. Over and over again. Like the finest Americana - South San Gabriel, Calexico, My Morning Jacket - the band make easy-going melodic rock that warms the heart and captivates the soul. This is an album with depth - the first few listens barely scratch its surface. When you do break through, there is a whole mix of slow-core hooks and more up tempo rock, with plenty of invention, and great songwriting. Horsepower quickly becomes one of those albums you'll go back to again and again.


Mike Rea

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