Review of Free Falling Single by The Philbys

Single review of Free Falling by The Philbys.

The Philbys Free Falling Single

With a generic indie sound and poppy vocals by Russell Swallow that remind of Irwin Sparkes from The Hoosiers, you would think it would be a mish mash of horrible sounds, wouldn't you? Well you couldn't be more wrong this quartet from London are what I would say a good easy listening band and one that you could have a dance to, the twist in it from vocals to sound defines it from all other indie bands.

'Freefalling' is the first track on this 3 track single, from its catchy opening to upbeat tempo, this one really is one of those songs that just will not get on your nerves after listening to it for a long time, but the guitar solo added randomly at 1mintue 38 doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest of the song, and gives the impression it was added in to make this 2 minute 19 long song a little bit longer. The next song 'razor' is my personal favourite on the single; its beat just makes you want to tap along with it, whilst the lyrics are quite depressing 'I want to be the razor in the blade that's cutting your flesh' which makes you wonder why the beat is this happy. But no matter how depressing the lyrics are its still my favourite on the single. The last song 'State your case' is different to the other 2 but in a good way, its slower and one for the end of a night, its easy listening beats and lyrics make the song all together a really good and enjoyable to listen to, this song gives the best of both worlds, and its a great way to bring it all to the end and wind the single down.

Keira Benson

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