Review of Trouble Sleeping Single by The Perishers

The Perishers
Trouble Sleeping
Single Review

The Perishers Trouble Sleeping Single

The Cardigans, Ulrika Johnsson, Sven Goran Eriksson and now The Perishers. All Swedes that have always invaded the UK, some for better and some for worse. I will let you decide who are which!

These guys have not just come from nowhere; they have provided music for TV shows The O.C and One Tree Hill. The Perishers have been described as sounding like Snow Patrol, although I would say that they are a more chilled out style than Snow Patrol. In between Snow Patrol and The Thrills is where you would find The Perishers, with tunes and lyrics combined to make what is a catchy track, & nice to listen and relax to. For me I am interested and more intrigued to hear more stuff by these and look forward to see them grow as a band.

There is a lot of middle of the road bands out there, but The Perishers are not one of them, this is a welcome invasion from Sweden.

Mark Moore

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