Following a coroner's inquest, the cause of death for The Overtones singer Timmy Matley has now been revealed six months after his passing. But it wasn't what we initially thought, and fans are reacting in shock over the tragic circumstances of his untimely death. 

The Overtones at the 2014 Emeralds and Ivy BallThe Overtones at the 2014 Emeralds and Ivy Ball

Back in April, we wrongly reported that Matley passed away after his two-year battle with a stage three malignant melanoma, but it has now come to light that his death was actually the result of the singer having falling from a 13th floor balcony after having consumed crystal meth.

The 36-year-old was visiting a friend's east London flat when he found himself locked on the balcony while inebriated. He attempted to climb down and subsequently fell, dying instantly from 'multiple traumatic injuries'.

'Timmy, our funny, talented, beautiful friend, bandmate and brother, was dearly loved and he is deeply missed', The Overtones wrote in a statement on social media yesterday (October 3rd 2018).

Matley was indeed battling skin cancer at the time of his death, with his treatment at Royal Marsden Hospital looking positive according to his Just Giving page, but it wasn't what took his life. 

He had been responding positively to an immunotherapy drug trial and had set-up a fundraiser back in January to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. He had managed to raise more than £8,000 ahead of his sponsored skydive which he sadly never got to experience.

The Overtones cancelled their subsequent summer tour, but were back on stage later in the year, determined to keep Timmy's memory alive by performing for their grieving fans.

'We just want to make sure everything we do next is a celebration of love, friendship and good times that will both comfort and uplift you', they wrote on Facebook. 'Not only as a tribute to our dear friend Timmy, but also as a tribute to the amazing eight years we spent together as a band and the memories we have made and shared with you all.'

The band will be releasing a self-titled album this month in tribute to Matley, which includes previously recorded vocals from their late bandmate.