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The Other Tribe - Sing With Your Feet

Bristol six piece The Other Tribe has a new single, 'Sing With Your Feet', now available for download on iTunes and available to listen on the audio video. It is the first of two dance tracks being released over the coming months and as well as the original, a Shadow Child remix is also available.

The Other Tribe - Skirts

The Other Tribe have unleashed the video for their new single Skirts, which comes out on the 30th of September 2012 on Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited/Relentless Records.

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Lil Wayne Caught On Camera Confronting Referee At Charity Basketball Match

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The Internet - Special Affair Audio

LA soul collective The Internet unveil a new single entitled 'Special Affair'.

'Lost' Star Wars Movie 'Black Angel' To Get Full-Length Remake

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The 1975 Trick Fans Into Thinking They Might Be Finished, Then Announce Second Album And UK Tour

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Shonda Rhimes Will Publish First Book 'Year Of Yes' This November

The ‘Year of Yes’ has so far been described as ‘surprising, hilarious, poignant, and accessible’.

Cameron Crowe Apologises For Casting Emma Stone As Part-Asian Character In 'Aloha'

The film has been savaged by critics, as well as coming under fire for its lack of racial diversity.