Review of Let The Love Back In Single by The Orange Lights

The Orange Lights
Let The Love Back In
Single Review

The Orange Lights Let The Love Back In Single

It took me a few plays to really get into this CD, as the influences are so overpowering that I found it hard to find the band underneath. The title song is very well played and the production is great, and once I got into it, I found both title track and b-side ‘My Guardian Angel’ to be catchy though I couldn’t help feeling though, that this is indie rock by numbers.

The vocals could be lifted straight from Embrace or Radiohead, with Coldplay piano, and basically there are a thousand other bands up and down the country that are producing this style. There’s the usual ‘epic’ feel to the whole production, but what’s missing is the originality to make this band stand out from the crowd. I never thought I’d hear a band that sounded like an imitation of Embrace, as I think that Embrace are the epitome of a band that latches onto other bands’ styles (namely Oasis and then Coldplay), but The Orange Lights have managed to do that. Overall, these are good strong songs, but I’m not sure that there’s enough here to make it stand out that much from the herd, and I feel radio stations will tend to play safe and stick with the established bands. Sorry guys.

Gary Williams

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