Review of Newfoundland Album by The Nova Saints

Don't you just love a bit of Wikipedia? After looking to do a bit of research the opening paragraph about them is "The Nova Saints (or Nova Saints) are a Bristol-based band whose musical style is most commonly referred to as 'shoegazing' and 'psychedelic'." That really is it. Not to worry though, because we have twelve tracks to see what The Nova Saints are about. 

The Nova Saints Newfoundland Album

This five piece are set to release their debut album - yes the time has finally arrived! For those that have been following these guys since the early days - when they were touring with Mint Ive and Exit Calm - it has felt like a lifetime waiting for the release of this album.

The interesting thing about this debut album is that it is twelve tracks, which have been accumulated over the three year life span. 'Sugar Coated' is, erm, well it's not what it says on the tin. This opener is ballsy, full of life and, as the fabulous Wikipedia states, a bit Shoegaxing sounding. 'Sugar Coated' owns the perfect balance to the spiraling guitar riffs and laser sounds blasting out. This is, in short, the perfect opener for an opening album.

Another great highlight on 'Newfoundland' are, in description, the total opposites 'Whirlpool' and 'Slow Down'. Within these tracks you sense a sound of their influences which, yes, could make me so off the ball, but hey - who cares! This quintet has sounds of The Verve meets Oasis meets The Inspiral Carpets. It's madness but it is The Nova Saints!

For the jewel in the crown we come to the half way mark in the shape of 'The Draft'. Straight away, boom, noise, noise, noise. This is what we want to hear from The Nova Saints and this surely has to be the last song played on the road. 'The Draft' just showcases everything that The Nova Saints are about, there is skill in the music played mixed with the confidence that these guys have to blast this out.

'Indian Summer' is another belter which is also featured on the Independent and Underground style album 'Revolution In Sound II' compilation album. A perfect little insight into these guys, not too full on but enough to get you interested.

There are quite a few "singles tracks" as you might want to call them; although for me they are stand out tracks. 'Lights' is another one that The Nova Saints have produced. Not as heavy as any of the other tracks but certainly one to get you bellowing out to while driving down the motorway in your car or whatever it is you do while letting go to music.

Sometimes you have to love irony and that is the only way to describe the last song of the album, as it is its namesake. 'The Last Song' sadly doesn't live up to the rest of the album and does seem like a bit of a throw away track but with one not great song out of twelve, you can't really grumble at that.

The thing about their album is that there are many highlights but on a personal note to the band: don't make it another three years for the next album hey lads? The Nova Saints are one to watch as they rise from the West Country. 'Newfoundland' is a good consistent album but you sense that these guys have so much more to offer and should really just go for it next time round.


Mark Moore

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