Review of Whose Lady R U? Single by The Night Marchers

Single review of Whose Lady R U? by The Night Marchers.

The Night Marchers Whose Lady R U? Single

The Night Marchers are one of the latest edition to come across the waters from that small country the US of A. They are ready to pounce onto the radio airwaves in the shape of their new Single 'Whose Lady R U?'

It seems that Night Marchers are trapped in a space-time continuum and can't get out, there music sounds like the old stuff meets the new. They have captured the melodies from the sixties and mixed it with the vocal styles and something extra of today's music. They have an infectious sound in the shape of this Single, but be warned this is not an instant hit. You do really need to give it a few listens before you actually get where they are coming from.

The Night Marchers are an interesting prospect and with this new single they leave you intrigued waiting for the release of the album.

Mark Moore

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