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The Motorettes
I Am Blisters
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The Motorettes I Am Blisters Single

What better way to push home the power and rawness of your guitar riffing, than by having a terse acapella intro before the rambunctious instrumentals of your power trio kicks in? In a recent interview, vocalist/bassist Jed Laidlaw exclaimed that 'Super Gran' is their all-time favourite resident from their home of Tynemouth. The stammering vocals and propelling guitars render this A-side a perfect soundtrack for a 'Super Gran; The Movie'. Accompanying the heroine on her adventures, as she saves a forlorn butcher from being robbed by a bunch of gun yielding madmen dressed as Pete Doherty.

"Ooohhh, a bit of garage rock there!" as Ben Elton would probably say on being exposed to B-side, 'Get Up, Get In'. The vocals are sandpapered down to fit in with an added post-rock push, by way of bulleting guitars and high tempo percussion. It is rampaging indie all the way for 'Make It But Make A Buzz', displaying an attention to song building detail and a continuing flirtation with rawness. This is best illumination of the provocative dual vocal combination of Robin Howe and Jed Laidlaw. The Motorettes' streetwise edge and no fuss rocking will surely strike a cord with genuine musos out there.

Rating 7/10

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