Review of The Motorettes/Kubichek!, Split EP EP by The Motorettes

The Motorettes/Kubichek!
Split EP

The Motorettes The Motorettes/Kubichek!, Split EP EP

This split EP released on Kitchenware Records (home to The Editors) features four tracks from two of the Northeast's brightest bands, The Motorettes & Kubichek!

It's The Motorettes who kick of proceedings with the enthusiastic rock 'n' roll track "Relax it's The 80's" which comes complete with a spiky guitar riff and lead vocals that bare an uncanny resemblance to The Killers front-man Brandon Flowers. Their second offering is the cover of Kubichek! track "Stutter" this energetic post-punk cut features acoustic guitar, crashing drums, handclaps and momentary bursts of feedback.

The third track on the EP sees Kubichek! take the reins with "Opening Shot" which is a typical Geordie post-punk offering with blurry high-end guitars. The EP draws to a finish with Kubichek! returning the cover duties with their take of The Motorettes "We Are Solution" a song that doesn't fail to hide the bands massive Futureheads influence with applied epic post-rock ethics.

The Northeast has become a vibrant place as far as the indie/rock scene is concerned with many bands beginning to shine through. Whether the youthful enterprise of The Motorettes and Kubichek! can propel them to Futureheads/Maximo Park status still remains to be seen, This EP suggests that they still have someway to go.

Colin Burrill

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