Review of Industry Single by The Modern

The Modern

The Modern - Industry - Single Review - Released 11th April (download only)

The Modern



After the Eastern Bloc E.P, another ‘80s flavoured single for The Modern, featuring winning boy/girl vocals and this time smoothing the darker edges in favour of a more electro-pop sound. The obvious keyboards are here mixed with electric guitar riffs, with a Garbage-like feel. One if its strengths are also the slightly funny but incredibly real ‘industrial’ lyrics: a love story between two factory floor workers,

The Modern - Industry - Single Review

who keep telling each other “you could be my industry, you could be the one that I adore…together on the factory floor”. The Modern capture the spirit of our time, giving an endearing touch to something otherwise dramatic: love in the era of steel and robots has never been more romantic.

Giada Arnone