Review of Tectonics Album by The Malpractice

Originally released in 2010, 'Tectonics' is the debut of Johannes Gammelby under the alias of The Malpractice, having previously recorded as I Am Bones and Beta Satan. For this project, he gathered members of Tiger Tunes and Marybell Katastrophy and had a live schedule in 2011 that included an appearance at the Roskilde Festival.

The Malpractice Tectonics Album

Those who prefer instant gratification from their music may well be confused by the opener that is 'Agitator'. Two minutes of dark rhythm sounds don't promise much, until a surprising shot of energy that catches the ear. This develops into the electro-stomp of 'Boss Stalion' and bombast in 'Spasm', neither of which would command the airwaves but have undeniable hooks. The leftfield approach also baffles in the wrong way though, 'Million Dollar Boy' aimlessly plodding along and 'It's All About Love', which is something of a psychedelic mess. The twisted sounds of 'Oh, The Irony' with grunge dynamics once again reignites interest but the dreary closer 'The Human Condition' further enhances the erratic nature of the record.

Alex Lai

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