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Thompson Looked To Magic Roundabout For Nanny Inspiration

Emma Thompson NANNY MCPHEE The Magic Roundabout

Emma Thompson vowed to use adult humour in the NANNY MCPHEE movies as a tribute to her late father's quirky children's show The Magic Roundabout.

The British actress adapted the Nanny MCPhee stories from Christianna Brand's Nurse Matilda books and they have become firm favourites for kids, with the 2005 original grossing $122 million (£76 million) at the international box office.

Thompson confesses she took inspiration for the film - as well as the current sequel Nanny MCPhee and the Big Bang - from her writer/producer father Eric, who courted controversy with his scripts for the U.K. version of The Magic Roundabout.

And the star admits she always aims to write stories which make herself laugh first and foremost.

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Magic Roundabout Makes Tv Comeback

The Magic Roundabout

Children's show The Magic Roundabout is set to make a return to UK TV screens, two years after a movie version struggled at the box office.
The cult show, created by Serge Danot, will make its television comeback after the late French author's estate gave permission for a new series.
Films Action in Paris and Silver Fox Films in London are collaborating to make 52 episodes of the computer generated animation.
The popular series was made into a movie in 2005 using the voices of singing stars Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, but it proved a box office failure.

Magic Roundabout Makes Tv Return

By on 16 April 2007

The Magic Roundabout Blackadder Ian McKellen Kylie Minogue

Children's TV show The Magic Roundabout is making a computer-generated comeback with 52 new episodes.

The estate of Serge Danot, the French author who originally created the series in the mid 1960s, has given permission to make a new series.

As in the 2005 movie which featured voice overs from Kylie Minogue and Sir Ian McKellen, the characters will be computer-generated, although the stars will not be lending their voices this time.

Unlike the original series, which was narrated by Eric Thompson, the new Magic Roundabout will not have a storyteller. But the show's director, Graham Ralph, has said it will show the spirit of the 60s shows.

He told the BBC: "We're trying to bring it back to Dougal being the anti-hero, instead of the rather bland character he was in the film.

"He's the Blackadder of children's TV with a bit of Victor Meldrew thrown in. He's really grumpy all the time.

"And Zebedee has sort of been based on Ken Dodd. He's more like an impish little pixie."

Channel 4 revived the series for a short time in the 1990s, but the new 52-episode stretch will be shown on Nickelodeon's channel Nick Jr.

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MacY Shadows Snail For Role

William H Macy Brian The Snail The Magic Roundabout Whoopi Goldberg Judi Dench Ian McKellen

Acclaimed actor William H Macy was unsure of how to prepare for his latest role in animated movie DOOGAL - because he'd never played a mollusk before. The FARGO star, who voices Brian The Snail in the upcoming film based on cult kids TV show The Magic Roundabout, jokes that he turned to nature for inspiration. He quips, "It's the first snail I've ever played - I turned down a slug once. I wet myself and went through a garden to become at one with a snail." The film also stars Whoopi Goldberg, DAME Judi Dench and SIR Ian McKellen.

Magic Roundabout Widow Receives No Royalties

The Magic Roundabout Phyllida Law Kylie Minogue Ian McKellen Robbie Williams

The Magic Roundabout creator's widow Phyllida Law is furious she has been cheated out of royalties for the movie adaptation of the cult TV show.

Law's late husband ERIC THOMPSON - who died in 1982 - wrote the script and voiced all six characters in the original BBC children's classic.

But despite the show's success, the veteran actress - also mother of OSCAR-winning star EMMA THOMPSON - will not receive any money for the new film after her husband failed to gain rights to the show.

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Robbie Williams' Cartoon Phobia

Robbie Williams Ian McKellen Ray Winstone Kylie Minogue Scooby Doo The Magic Roundabout

Singer Robbie Williams was an unlikely choice to voice a character in new animated movie SPRUNG! The Magic Roundabout - because he was terrified of cartoons as a child.

Williams joins a star-studded cast, including SIR Ian McKellen, JIM BROADBENT, Ray Winstone and Kylie Minogue in the remake of the 1960s children's favourite.

But he confesses he used to hide behind his sofa when the show came on television when he was young.

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Evans Joins Magic Roundabout Cast

Lee Evans Kylie Minogue Bill Nighy The Magic Roundabout The Producers Train Joanna Lumley Ian McKellen

British actor Lee Evans is thrilled he's won a role opposite ROBBIE WILLIAMS, Kylie Minogue and Bill Nighy in the movie remake of children's TV series The Magic Roundabout.

Evans, who is currently starring in hit London musical The Producers, will provide the voice for a new character described as "the plucky and courageous Train," who befriends Williams' dopey dog character DOUGAL.

Evans says, "It's really exciting to be involved in this project. The Magic Roundabout has become something of a national treasure. Now we can pass this on to the next generation to enjoy."

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Magic Roundabout To Rescue French Film Industry

The Magic Roundabout

A movie adaptation of children's TV show The Magic Roundabout is being touted as the salvation of the French film industry.

The 80-minute movie, LE MANEGE ENCHANTE, is the most expensive cartoon ever produced in France at $25 million (GBP14 million) and will be closely monitored by the country's heavily subsidised cinema industry, which attracts just 34.4 per cent of French movie-goers and produced a series of critically mauled films this year (04).

The associate producer CLAUDE GORSKY says, "It (the film) is very big for Europe."

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McKellen: I Never Do My Research

Ian McKellen The Magic Roundabout Take That

THE LORD OF THE RINGS star SIR Ian McKellen is often ignorant about the characters he agrees to play - because he can't be bothered to do the proper research.

The OSCAR-nominated actor, 65, who has just completed voicing the part of ZEBEDEE in new film The Magic Roundabout, believes his "trademark secret" is to forego investigation of any kind.

McKellen explain, "I've never seen so much as one second of The Magic Roundabout - mind you, I'd never heard of (his character) GANDALF when I agreed to do The Lord Of The Rings either, so I think it's becoming a trademark secret.

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McKellen Takes A Turn On The Magic Roundabout

Ian McKellen The Magic Roundabout Robbie Williams Jim Broadbent Kylie Minogue Love Actually Bill Nighy Emma Thompson

Acting legend SIR Ian McKellen has been unveiled as the voice of ZEBEDEE in the movie version of classic TV series The Magic Roundabout.

The LORD OF THE RINGS star will join high-profile stars Robbie Williams, OSCAR winner Jim Broadbent, Kylie Minogue and Love Actually's Bill Nighy in the cast.

The Magic Roundabout was a hugely popular series in the late 1960s. It was created by SERGE DANOT and adapted into English by Emma Thompson's late father ERIC.

18/08/2004 17:03
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