The Loves are a Cardiff band led by Simon Love. The Loves. Love You is their fourth, and (if they're to be believed) final album before they split forever on Valentines Day this year. Now, if you're expecting the Loves to be a 60s style psychedelic pop band (like I was) then you're going to be in for a real big disappointment. The music is most certainly rooted in the 60s but is more of a 60s pastiche.

It appears they've taken the old adage that 'genius steals' way too literally as listening to the songs is a bit like trying to pinpoint where you've heard them before. The album does indeed throw up one genuine and great song in the form of single December Boy, complete with female vocals, a complete relief from the irritating male vocals that swamp the rest of the record. December Boy comes across like a wistful Shangri-La's and contains melody lines lifted directly (I kid you not) from Do They Know It's Christmas? and Total Eclipse of The Heart. I personally don't like either song but the way they've incorporated it into this track and made it their own is undeniably very clever and more importantly, it works.

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