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Lost Boys Filmmakers Plan Second Trilogy

THE LOST BOYS vampire movie series is to suck yet more blood out of the box office - studio bosses are considering a second trilogy...

Feldman Not Signed To Tarantino War Movie

THE LOST BOYS star COREY FELDMAN has shot down reports he'll be joining BRAD PITT in QUENTIN TARANTINO's new war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, insisting he...


Schumacher Lashes Out At Lost Boys Sequel

Director JOEL SCHUMACHER has criticised Warner Bros Pictures for deciding to make a direct-to-DVD sequel to his 1987 vampire flick THE LOST BOYS. The veteran...

Beloved Actor Barnard Hughes Dies

Beloved US stage and screen star BARNARD HUGHES has died after a brief illness. He was 90. The Tony and Emmy Award-winner, who has featured...