Review of Good As It Gets Single by The Lights

The Lights
"Good As It Gets"

Single Review
Released 23/01/06

The Lights Good As It Gets Single

The man behind The Lights is Mat Lester, who has previously worked under the name of Monoman. With the help of friends Imogen Andrews and Ryan Caine, The Lights was formed, and have since had success in getting playlisted on the likes of XFM. This single is taken from debut album "Grand Union".

"Good As It Gets" is a mesmerising, relaxing, and gorgeous track that will engross you that little bit more with each listen. Backed by soft beats and tranquil synths, the vocals of Andrews are beautifully fragile and sweep you along, before harmonising effortlessly with the rougher tones of Caine. Though unlikely to break the mainstream, anyone looking for intelligent pop music could do worse than listening to this soothing gem.

Alex Lai

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