Carl Barat has issued a pragmatic response to those opposing The Libertines’ comeback gig at Hyde Park in early July. “If people are concerned about noise they shouldn't have moved to Hyde Park,” he said. 

The LibertinesThis is what Libertines fans have been waiting years to see again

Barclaycard's British Summer Time gigs at Hyde Park on July 5th will see the iconic indie rock band perform their much anticipated comeback, but Mayfair residents have objected, specifically name checking Peter Doherty – the band’s controversial frontman – in their reasoning. 

Anthony Lorenz, chairman of the Residents' Society of Mayfair and St James's, said: "We can't be supportive of this show for obvious reasons. We've had meetings over the noise levels and volume controls from the Hyde Park concerts and they have been under control recently. But we can't be supportive of this sort of individual [Doherty]. Together with the Ozzy Osbourne concert the day before, it's the last thing we need in the middle of Mayfair." (via The Guardian)

Co-frontman Carl Barât shrugged off the news, insisting that the band weren't concerned about the curfew, saying: "I'm not worried about us coming on late. If people are concerned about noise they shouldn't have moved to Hyde Park. I hope we don't break the curfew but we'll see on the night."

Doherty announced their comeback interview with the Israeli newspaper, Ynet, in which he admitted that the financial incentive for doing the gig was too strong to resist. "I don't know if I'm supposed to even tell you this, but we were offered [the chance] to reform the Libertines for a show this July in Hyde Park," he was quoted as saying.

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“Not long ago I listened to the Libertines' songs on YouTube and had a burst of nostalgia so I said what the heck,” he said. “Then they told me how much they will pay us and, I cannot lie to you, I couldn't say no, at least not in my state right now.”