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Sewell 'Hates Joaquin Phoenix Mistake'

Rufus Sewell Joaquin Phoenix Walk the Line The Legend of Zorro Gladiator

British actor Rufus Sewell hates being mistaken for Joaquin Phoenix - because movie fans compare him with Phoenix in his "fat phase".
Sewell has admitted he often disappoints autograph hunters when they realise he's not the Walk the Line star.
But The Legend of Zorro actor isn't amused by the mistake - and denies it's flattering.
He says, "Well, not really - to be like a less successful version of someone else. And only in Gladiator, when he got deliberately fat."

Alone In The Dark And Son Of The Mask Are Top Stinkers

Alone in the Dark Uwe Boll Tara Reid Son of the Mask Jamie Kennedy Jessica Simpson DAISY DUKE The Dukes of Hazzard Nancy Sinatra Tyler Perry Fantastic Four Samuel L Jackson Eugene Levy The Man Norm MacDonald DEUCE BIGALOW Ours The Honeymooners Adrian alonso The Legend of Zorro Chicken Little

Low budget horror film Alone in the Dark left a nasty smell in cinemas last year (05) - it has been dishonoured at the annual Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. The Los Angeles-based Bad Cinema Society has announced its anti-Oscars, and Alone In The Dark has been named the Worst Film Of The Year. The horror movie also claimed the Worst Director (Uwe Boll), Worst Actress (Tara Reid) and Worst Special Effects 'prizes', but it didn't pick up the most dishonOurs. That claim to shame went to THE MASK sequel Son of the Mask, which claimed five Stinkers, including a Worst Actor gong for Jamie Kennedy. Jessica Simpson was also named and shamed - she picked up three awards for her portrayal of DAISY DUKE in The Dukes of Hazzard, including Worst Song for her rendition of the Nancy Sinatra classic THESE BOOTS (ARE MADE FOR WALKING). The full list of Stinkers is: Worst Film - ALONE IN THE DARK Worst Sense Of Direction - UWE BOLL (ALONE IN THE DARK) Worst Actor - JAMIE KENNEDY (SON OF THE MASK) Worst Actress - TARA REID (ALONE IN THE DARK) Worst Supporting Actor - Tyler Perry (DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN) Worst Supporting Actress - JESSICA SIMPSON (THE DUKES OF HAZZARD) Worst Screenplay - Fantastic Four Most Painfully Unfunny Comedy - DEUCE BIGELOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO Worst Song: THESE BOOTS (WERE MADE FOR WALKING) by JESSICA SIMPSON Most Intrusive Musical Score - SON OF THE MASK Less Than Dynamic Duo - Samuel L Jackson and Eugene Levy in The Man Worst On-Screen Couple - JAMIE KENNEDY and "anyone forced to co-star with him in SON OF THE MASK" Most Annoying Fake Accent, Male - Norm MacDonald (DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO) Most Annoying Fake Accent, Female - JESSICA SIMPSON (THE DUKES OF HAZZARD) Least 'Special' Special Effects - ALONE IN THE DARK Worst Remake - YOURS, MINE + OURS Worst Sequel - SON OF THE MASK Worst Resurrection Of A Classic TV Series - The Honeymooners Worst Performance By A Child - Adrian alonso (The Legend of Zorro) Worst Child Ensemble - YOURS, MINE + OURS Foulest Family Film - SON OF THE MASK Least Scary Horror Movie - THE FOG Most Overrated Film - SYRIANA Worst Animated Film - Chicken Little.

Zorro Rewrites History

The Legend of Zorro Antonio Banderas Abraham Lincoln

Movie sequel The Legend of Zorro has been blasted by film historians in California for rewriting history.

Top film buff RICK MITCHELL is ridiculing the Antonio Banderas movie for including references to historical events that had yet to happen in 1850, when the film was set.

The movie references the Confederate Army - a decade early - and also introduces President Abraham Lincoln when the historical leader was an obscure Illinois attorney at the time.

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Banderas Feels Old

Antonio Banderas The Legend of Zorro

Actor Antonio Banderas had no trouble remembering the tricks of sword fighting for movie sequel The Legend of Zorro, but his ageing body struggled with the stunts.

The Spanish star still enjoys fencing, but regrets he is not as fit and agile as he once was.

He says, "I didn't get to practice. I had to do a refresher.

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Zeta-Jones: 'Zorro Changed My Life'

The Legend of Zorro Catherine Zeta Jones Michael Douglas The Mask of Zorro

Filming sequel The Legend of Zorro brought back fond memories for Catherine Zeta-Jones, because the first movie lead her to marriage to Michael Douglas.

Zeta-Jones claims Douglas first saw her starring in 1998 film The Mask of Zorro and decided she was his dream woman.

She says, "Michael saw me in it, seduced me... hounded me... followed me around the world. And look at me now, two kids later."

Disney's Chicken Film Races To The Top Of The Box Office

Chicken Little Zach Braff Joan Cusack Jake Gyllenhaal Jamie Foxx Saw II The Legend of Zorro Steve Martin

Disney's movie adaptation of the CHICKEN LICKEN fable has stunned America by storming to the top of the box office with a whopping $40 million (GBP22.2 million) opening weekend.

The animated film, Chicken Little, which features the voices of Zach Braff and Joan Cusack, beat Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx's Gulf War drama JARHEAD - which took $28.7 million (GBP15.9 million) - to the top of the new box office list.

Last week's number one film Saw II fell to three with an impressive $17.2 million (GBP9.5 million) second weekend take, and sequel The Legend of Zorro fell from two to four with a $10 million (GBP5.5 million) weekend.

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Sewell Braves Back Pain For Zorro Stunts

Rufus Sewell The Legend of Zorro Catherine Zeta Jones

British actor Rufus Sewell is paying the price for refusing a stuntman after developing agonising lower back pain while shooting action sequences for The Legend of Zorro.

Brave Sewell, who plays ZORRO's nemesis ARMAND in the movie sequel, did the damage after throwing himself to the ground during an explosion scene.

He says, "It's not all about stuntmen and special effects.

Continue reading: Sewell Braves Back Pain For Zorro Stunts

Saw II Cuts Down Competition

Donnie Wahlberg Saw II Antonio Banderas The Legend of Zorro Uma Thurman Meryl Streep Nicolas Cage The Weather Man Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Donnie Wahlberg's thriller Saw II is the new Hallowe'en champion, after debuting at the top of the US box office with a haul of $30.5 million (GBP16.9 million).

The movie's earnings are almost double the $16.5 million (GBP9.1 million) second-place opening of Antonio Banderas and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES' sequel The Legend of Zorro.

It also easily outdid the 2004 horror hit SAW, which opened with $18.3 million (GBP10.1 million) over last year's (04) Hallowe'en weekend.

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Banderas Horses Around

Antonio Banderas The Legend of Zorro

Antonio Banderas had to develop relationships with the nine different horses playing the part of his trusty steed TORNADO in new movie The Legend of Zorro.

The Spanish heart-throb had to work hard to develop a rapport with the animals before they would obey his orders.

He says, "Each one does something totally different; some of them play drunk, others run beautifully.

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Zeta-Jones Apologises To Rufus After Kicking Him In The Face

Catherine Zeta Jones The Legend of Zorro Rufus Sewell

Catherine Zeta-Jones was so sure she had seriously injured her The Legend of Zorro co-star Rufus Sewell during a fight scene, she sent him flowers in hospital.

The Welsh actress feared she'd broken fellow Brit Sewell's nose when she accidentally kicked him in the face during a sequence, but she was relieved to hear he made a speedy recovery.

She recalls, "There's a scene on a runaway train, where we're trying to catch the bad guys, and I come around and I kick Rufus Sewell.

Continue reading: Zeta-Jones Apologises To Rufus After Kicking Him In The Face

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